Guidance Camp for Tribal Students

Lack of Guidance Shouldn’t Worry You Kids; VSM’s for You!


Chindhyachi Wadi, 25-27th December 2015:

Generally we find ourselves embroiled in a struggle to give our kids as much as we can so that they do well in their studies. Good schools are followed by big banner classes, especially when the academic year is as important as the 10th std. Then we discontinue the TV channels for some time, keep all the guests at bay and secretly pray that our child does well at least than our neighbour’s kid. Ironically, few of our distant neighbours just made us realize that sometimes less is more!

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This year we at Vivekananda Seva Mandal intensified preparation at ‘Dahavi Abhyasvarga’, our guidance initiative for 10th std. students living in tribal area, with two guidance camps in a year instead of one. During the second camp which was from 25th to 27th December,an NGO from Mumbai had arranged Mumbai visit for the ashram school students on last day(Sunday 27th December) of session. When the head teacher asked students whether they were willing to go for the tour, students firmly said that they wanted to attend the lectures under ‘Dahavi Abhyasvarga’ by Teachers from Dombivli. This was indeed a touching moment for us all. The non-availability of guidance made them value it much more. Their commitment to studies despite lack of resources made them make mature choices even more.

Gram Shikshan team of VSM has been conducting these 10th std guidance camp sessions for last four years. We request many well-experienced teachers from various schools and coaching classes to come to such tribal areas and guide the students there.These teachers have helped these kids from remote and tribal areas improve their understanding of subjects like Maths, Science and English which are perceived as difficult by them. This has consequently improved their performance by 100% in board exams.

This year too we could provide such quality guidance to 70 students. This year, Mrs. Sonal Palnitkar, Mrs. Madhuri Behre, Mrs. Suhas Padalkar, Mrs.Bhakti Gokhale, Mr. Vishnu Dongre, Mr. Mandar Joshi, Mrs. Kanchan Palkarand, Mrs. Bhakti Randive are the teachers who joined us on the mission. A team of 12 VSM volunteers handled the organization. Two of such camps were conducted this year instead of one.

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Some of the students willingly shared their experiences with us.

We also received very warm feedback from the teachers who helped us make this camp a success.

During last four years for which we have been conducting these guidance camps, we have seen considerable improvement in the student’s results. The student’s willingness and desire to learn and the dedication of the teachers associated with us keeps us motivated to do more for these students. The future vision for this initiative includes adding career guidance for these students as well. This will help these students to set goals for themselves after they complete 10th std. The Career Guidance Camp is planned on 7th February 2016.