Diwali Snehabhoj Update

Diwali Snehabhoj 2014 at Vihigaon

2nd November 2014

Vihigaon, Kasara: Around 15 volunteers from Vivekanand Seva Mandal, Dombivali visited Vihigaon for Diwali Sneha Bhoj activity. We started early morning at 6.30am from Dombivali and reached vihigaon at 9.00am. We had planned to conduct three activities simultaneously, Kandil (customary festive lamp) making for school children, presentation and discussion on De-addiction efforts with the youth of Vihigaon and Saree distribution among the Women Self Help Group members as a Bhaubij gift.

On reaching Vihi we divided ourselves into three groups to conduct activities together.

The school kids activity started with some songs, rhymes and stories which refreshed all of us making kids happy and relaxed. Now the kids were excited about the next activity to begin as the colourful papers and stationary came out of the boxes. All the sweet little faces were smiling while receiving the colourful stationary. As we began with the steps for making attractive Diwali Kandil all the little hands got engrossed with cutting pasting and decorating. Within some time each one of them had a beautiful kandil to take home .We Had carried Diwali Sweets with us to share with all the villagers so once the kandil was ready we distributed some Chakali, Shankarpali, Karnaji , Chiwada ect…..among the kids and all of them enjoyed the delicious FARAL.

The second activity which was going on at the same time was presentation on De-addiction for youth of Vihigaon. We were happy to see many young boys participating in the session. A small presentation was shown to them about the adverse effects of Alcohol, Cigarette, Gutka etc on their health as well as family life. The dangerous diseases caused due to the intake of these products were explained to them in detail. A general discussion was also done with them to know about their views on the same. Many of them assured to stay away from addiction and would also work towards the awareness among the other villagers. The session ended with sharing Diwali Sweets with them as well.We distributed Diwali sweets among them, all the ladies insisted us to join them, so we also enjoyed the sweets and namkeen over the chitchatting about Diwali celebrations.

The Third Activity being conducted simultaneously was with the Women’s Self Help Groups, who participated in UTANE making before Diwali. Firstly we congratulated them for successfully completing the UTANE making activity. Then we had a general discussion about the construction of Bund on the rivulet and their active participation for the same, noted down the names of some skilled labour available in the village for the construction work. Now it was time to distribute the sarees among all our sisters as Bhaubij (Bhaiduj) gift. We had clicked some nice photographs together while sharing the sarees and sweets with our dear sisters.

It was such a pleasure for us to see that the villagers had prepared Delicious lunch for all of us. We all enjoyed the tasty and mouthwatering food prepared with love and affection by all of them. This made us remember of the saying “Atithi Devo Bhava”. We all were touched with this wonderful gesture by the villagers. We all departed with lots of wonderful & sweet memories and some unforgettable moments that this visit gave us.