Collaborative & Timely Help for 124 needy Mumbaikars

SDB, VSM, SMAP, RSS-Janakalyan Samiti provides groceries to hungry

Just a phone call away is the help, was literally proved right when one of the VSM volunteers received a call mentioning that there were a group 20 families or 124 individuals who needed food grains. Vivekanand Seva Mandal decided to pursue this challenging case brought to our attention by volunteers of Sahakari Dhanya Pedhi (SDB), Vikroli. And pat came a collaboration offer from two other likeminded organisations. Shivaji Maharaj America Parivaar Foundation, USA generously agreed to fund the purchase of groceries to the needy, while RSS-Jana Kalyan Samiti (Maharashtra Prant) graciously decided to partner in the process.

SDB is the association run by former teachers of BMC and their friends for the welfare of the needy. They were on the ground to facilitate identification of the beneficiaries, data collection, grocery kit preparation and dissemination of kits to the needy after following all lockdown norms. It was not an easy encounter to collect the data of 124 persons spread across highly populated areas. Purely as the teachings, of Indian Freedom Fighter Vinayak Damodar Savarkar goes - “Calmness in preparation, but boldness in execution, this should be the watchword during the moments of crisis.” We followed the same and started preparing methodically to support these 20 families.

“Where there is a will there is way”, was rightly observed by all collaborators, as SDB initiated collection of the data from these people. The next challenge of course was monetary support. One of our VSM volunteers is in the USA and a founder member of SMAP, who granted the support to buy food grains for these 20 families.

We were also delighted by the experience that the shopkeeper from whom we bought the grocery gave us a good discount as they said we are doing a good job. At the time when shopkeepers may see it as a brisk business opportunity, here was an example in ‘M/s. Jay Yogeshwar Masala’ who voluntarily gave a decent rebate. With all this within a week of receiving this case, we closed it fully by providing these 124 individuals with the groceries they required. These 20 households were distributed, one-month food grain stock worth 18 kilograms each on May 2nd, 2020 by volunteers of SDB. All of us have now pledged to collaborate further for further cases coming up from the same area.

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