Dahavi Abhyasvarga

"Educate and raise the masses, and thus alone a nation is possible."

Swami Vivekanand

Event Description

The ‘Education for All’ initiative by government has been gaining steady ground and creating the indispensability of education among people’s minds. At the same time it is also important to improve the quality of education provided in remote and rural areas. This becomes important for students appearing for S.S.C examinations as these exams open the realms of higher education for all students. Hence, with the objective of guiding the S.S.C students from tribal and rural areas who are deprived of the urban educational grooming like coaching classes, e-learning et. al, VSM has started the initiative of Dahavi abhyaasvarga or Guidance Camps at various tribal schools.

VSM organized this 3-day enhancement camp for 10th students in 2012 for the first time. VSM karyakarte executed this responsibility with perfection. We received an overwhelming support from various school teachers voluntarily supporting this cause and making themselves available for guiding the underprivileged students from rural and tribal areas. With their help we were able to guide the S.S.C students in the fundamental subjects of Mathematics, Science and English.

After 2012 we have been consistently organizing these 3-day camps for S.S.C aspirants from Koregaon, Susarwadi and Chindhyachiwadi till date. The response is wonderful and has resulted in huge improvement of performance for the students. The details about this year’s guidance camp will be available here.

This initiative reflects VSM’s strong desire to deliver quality education to the underprivileged and contribute to the bigger cause of rural development. We beseech all the karyakarte and eager teachers to get involved in this initiative and help our tribal brothers and sisters move towards a brighter, well-educated future.