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Global Logistics firm DHL joins hands with VSM’s NALANDA under its “Go Teach” CSR initiative.

Global Logistics firm DHL joins hands with VSM’s NALANDA under its “Go Teach” CSR initiative

  • The pro bono DHL month commenced from 4 February, 17 and will continue till 4 March, 17.
  • A group of 50 DHL volunteers gathered in the VSM library for learn about the sessions planned in all the 4 NALANDA schools
  • An orientation programme was conducted for the DHL volunteers to relay information about the project and build team bonding through various management games

The global logistics company, DHL, has once again collaborated with VSM under its one of the CSR initiatives. Previously, in 2014, the company has donated VSM 27 pre used PCs, which were deployed in various schools, our library, study centre and villages. Again, this year, the company has teamed up with VSM under its CSR initiative “Go Teach”. The goal of this group wide programme is to improve educational opportunity and employability of young people, especially those from the disadvantaged social economic background. VSM Nalanda, a socio-educational initiative provided a platform for the DHL volunteers to connect with such needy students and encourage them.

On 4th February 2017, group of around 50 DHL volunteers gathered in the VSM library to understand, plan and get trained for the month-long Saturday sessions with the 4 schools of Nalanda. An orientation programme, followed by training sessions was planned by the VSM NALANDA team for the DHL volunteers. Orientation programme not only included information about VSM Nalanda but also included few management games, enabling the volunteers to understand the importance of team bonding and co-ordination within the team.

The month-long activities planned to be conducted in NALANDA schools include Science experiments; Craft/Drawing sessions and General Knowledge test. The volunteers were divided into 3 main groups as per the planned activities. The VSM volunteers headed each activity and provide support, guidance and trainings to their respective DHL team. These teams were further divided into 4 sub-groups, with responsibility of sessions within our 4 schools.

DHL CSR Activity

The whole orientation and training sessions turned out to be enjoyable and productive. The DHL team showed a lot of enthusiasm towards the different activities conducted by the VSMandal and informative trainings provided by our volunteers. The month-long pro bono DHL month commenced from 4th February ‘17 and will continue till 4th March ‘17.

DHL CSR Activity

We are hopeful that this collaboration will give the school students an opportunity to interact with so many new people and gather different learning experiences. At the same time we are sure that DHL volunteers participating in this programme would experience the subliminal feeling which comes from contributing back to the society.