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Rural Kids Enjoy Education Tour to City of Dreams

June 2015

Summer Vacation means fun & frolic for children. This year, volunteers of Vivekanand Seva Mandal. Dombivli decided to make the children of Vihigaon happy by taking them on a tour to Mumbai. We planned in such a way that it would create education, fun & bonding with these children.

Few karyakartas went to vihigaon on 5th June and brought children of age grp 10-18 to Dombivli. We got a good response as 20 children along with one of the parents had arrived with our karyakartas.

They arrived on Friday evening and they stayed in one of the karyakarta’s home. The evening was made eventful by hosting a small dinner party followed by an entertainment program.

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The morning dawned & they were taken on sightseeing tour to Elephanta caves on Elephanta island near Mumbai. The launch ride to elephanta caves was a very memorable moment for all these children. The glow on their faces made us happy too. We also took them to a very famous Hanging Garden. They played outdoor games like Khokho, Dog & Bone etc & returned back.

Second night of their tour was also made memorable by giving them grand dinner. The fun & frolic ended by showing them a movie on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was also evident.

They returned back to their homes satisfied & happy.

The smile on their faces & spark in their eyes made us feel content.

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