Educational Intervention

"How can there be any progress of our country without the spread of education, the dawning of knowledge?...The only service to be done for our lower classes is to give them education, to develop their lost individuality.”

Swami Vivekanand

Empowering the future of country!

VSMANDAL aims to provide early, systematic assistance to underprivileged children who are subject to poor educational infrastructure. We seek to prevent academic failure through early intervention, frequent progress measurement, and increasingly intensive research-based instructional interventions for children who continue to learn in government or municipal administration run schools.

We aim to achieve this goal by imparting education to underprivileged children in urban neighborhoods via NALANDA Initiative and through education assistance via ZEP and UMANG initiatives in tribal / rural areas.

ZEP (झेप)Educational Assistance Program.
Assistance Program:As Mandal is working in rural areas for the upliftment of the underprivileged tribal kids, our one of the main priority is the Education. So Mandal decided to work on this Educational Assistance Program. There are 52 students who are taking benefits from our ZEP Educational Assistance Program during year 2014-15.

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UMANG (उमंग) means Hope, Aspiration. The underprivileged children from remoteareas hope support from Mandal for their education and we only aspire their progress in return which serves as a right kind booster for our efforts.This initiative is an unconditional investment into hopes of our tribal kids, for whom we fight all odds to fulfil their dreams.Hence, we named this initiative as Umang!

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To provide an interactive learning experience to underprivileged children, Vivekanand Seva Mandal focuses on delivering highest quality of learning experience under NALANDA Initiative.

The word NALANDA stands for New Age Learning Aimed at Nurturing Development & Aspirations.
Basic idea is to impart high-quality education to underprivileged children of city neighborhoods via latest audio-visual techniques and other new age techniques.

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