Faith has gained and fear lost the struggle !

"Even in a time of elephantine vanity and greed, one never has to look far to see the campfires of gentle people." - Garrison Keillor.

This was experienced by the divyang families staying in Wadavali village near Dombivli, who received timely help from Vivekanand Seva Mandal (VSM) and RSS.

One such beautiful experience we VSM volunteers had when we served the divyang families staying in Wadavali village.

The sole bread earner of one of these families Mr Dinesh Borse (name changed for privacy) lost his complete eye - sight a few months ago, he had a proper vision till then but due to some infection has become blind now. Hence was unable to do his farming. From some source this family came to know about our and RSS' relief work and approached us.

Along with Borse's family there were in all three families staying in that area who needed aid. More or less of these people owned a piece of small land, but just owning land was of no help to them in this condition.

On receiving their call, we asked them the usual questions like - what help you want, what are your requirements and so on. We met one of their coordinators to understand more about them. In all the three families the bread earners were divyang or differently abled. Two of them had lost their eyesight and one possessed only one leg.

In the whole area there was a problem of food grains and daily basic commodities. Initially, these families had got support from the government in the first few weeks of lockdown but that supplies went over.

After verifying all these facts, we decided to serve them. These people were more than happy and were thanking us from the profoundness of their heart.

They articulated that this package that they had received, were perfect as it contained not only rice, pulses but also onion, potato, spices which needed for regular cooking. It was a well-studied list of grocery that was made to serve the family fully. It is observed that charitable institutions more often give only couple of items like grains or pulses, but we had given them from salt to potatos everything that a family needs.

Here we witnessed that their faith in humanity has gained ground and fear has lost. !

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