Vivekanand Seva Mandal

IT - Innovating Technology

"Even more it (India) has done in mathematics, for algebra, geometry, astronomy, and the triumph of modern science — mixed mathematics — were all invented in India, just so much as the ten numerals, the very cornerstone of all present civilization, were discovered in India…"

Swami Vivekanand

Project Description

Our IT lab focuses on developing and deploying not-for-profit IT systems to aid social development. It also aims to increase computer literacy in underprivileged sections of society.

Objectives Of IT center

  • To automate Mandal's administrative work with intelligent systems software so that karyakartas can focus their energies on solutions for social problems

  • To provide a platform where IT professionals can contribute as well as further hone their technical skills by working on real-life projects

  • To impart computer literacy among the underprivileged areas

  • To build IT ecosystem of programs, systems and apps to aid solving of unaddressed social issues and problems

Innovating Technology Center's Concept

IT Lab started its journey, in 2001, with a mission of developing a Library Management System (LMS) - a software to ease and automate the manual processes and book transactions of VSM's library. After successful deployment of LMS, there was no looking back then. Thereafter IT team has developed various IT solutions to facilitate different functions of VSM.

Study Centre software, VSM website development and maintenance, CareerFest 2012 & 13 online registration process and backend support software, Ojas Utane inventory management software are some of the solutions delivered till date. IT team has also designed websites for like-minded social organisations, Pragati Pratisthan and Purva Seema Vikas Pratishtan voluntarily.

Dive Into IT and Computer Literacy Initiative are two very recent activities started by IT team. Dive Into IT mainly focuses on imparting technical knowledge to the youth and empowering them to achieve high technical growth. Computer Literacy Initiative aims at helping students from underprivileged areas learn and use computers so that they have a fair chance at a bright future.

An Android App and Virtual Office for Mandal are projects in the future pipeline for IT team.

IT's Measure Of Success

  • Efficient functioning of all VSM activities by automation of people-intensive processes

  • Improved IT know-how and inculcation of practical approach among IT students through Dive Into IT

  • Development of basic understanding of computers among underprivileged students