Khodade Development

"May the song of New India echo and reverberate amidst mountains and in forests and valleys!"

Swami Vivekanand

Project Description

"KHODADE" is another small vanavasi village in Wada taluka of Thane district, which is located 25km away from "WADA" and has a population of 300 spread over 33 households. With entire population living below the poverty line, they have been facing acute problems such as water shortage, unemployment, illiteracy, lack of communication, lack of medical facilities and proper agricultural guidance etc.

After their first visit under Runamochan in 2011, our karyakartas could not keep themselves away from the villagers in Khodade and a new seeding of rural development program was rooted.
Along with awareness program and developmental initiatives, the innovative initiatives in Khodade include:

Project TEJAS, Lighting up all Khodade homes with SOLAR LAMPs:

The village is not on the electricity map of India even after 65 years of independence. Mandal has decided to help them enlighten their lives, with the help of some kind-hearted donors form Pune. We provided solar lamps to each household. And they are using it as an alternative to Kerosin lamps, saving their money and environment.

Project Agricultural Improvement:

Almost all Khodade farmers are subsistence farmers and barely make their two ends meet. We are helping them improve their falling income levels by converting them to sustainable cash crops. We have formed a committee of villagers including women so that they can represent their collective will in a better way and Mandal can deal with them sustainably.

Future issues we wish to take up there:-

  • Evaluation of solar/manually operated water pumping scheme

  • Water storage/irrigation

  • Installing women self-help groups.