Nalanda Initiative: 1st Teachers Orientation Programme

Teacher’s day off: A fun day for the teachers of KDMC run Acharya Bhise School by NALANDA team


Dombivli, 23 April, 2016:

Student Orientation Programme, Student Fair, Student’s Career Fest we have heard and even attended such programmes and activities, but have we ever heard of any such initiatives for the teachers? Teacher- the person who inspires hope, ignites imagination and instils a love for learning within the students is one of the key figures behind a student’s success. For VSM’s NALANDA INITIATIVE too, we think of teachers as very important stakeholders. A cordial collaboration with the teachers and their alignment with our initiative is indispensable to achieve the objectives of NALANDA. So we thought to find some way to interact with the teachers in an enjoyable way with twin goals of appreciating their contribution and strengthening the bond with them.

Weighing on this thought, the volunteers of NALANDA organised their first Teachers Orientation Programme at one of the KDMC run schools – Acharya Bhise. It was a small three hours entertaining session dedicated only for the “Creators”. The teachers along with the volunteers participated in various enjoyable activities like balloon balancing, group discussions, singing and various management games. It was a simple ordinary day with chuckles, laugh and joy, but with only one difference, it all came from the staffroom and not from the classroom.And indeed, it ended with improved synergies which will aid our volunteers in future efforts under NALANDA initiative.

As it is rightly said there is always a child hidden beneath every individual. So was the motive of the team, to bring out the child within the teachers and let them enjoy. Although the programme was held for few hours the response the volunteers received was spectacular. The volunteers were praised for such a unique initiative and were requested to conduct such initiative for the students.

Commencing such programmes at all the other schools will not only help the team to break the ice but also provide a platform for the teachers to breathe out of their busy schedule, rejuvenate and feel appreciated for their work.