Runamochan Connect

"Who will bring light to the poor? Who will travel from door to door bringing education to them? Let these people be your god- think of them, work for them, pray for them incessantly. The lord will show you the way."

Swami Vivekanand

Project Description

Runmochan Connect

According to Indian tradition, there are three debts or Runas (ऋण ) that can not be repaid. These debts include that of parents, that of teachers and that of society or the country. However, scriptures rightly recommend a man should always try to repay these debts by striving to do so throughout his life, year after year and month after month.

We as an organisation try to collectively repay our societal debt through every activity that we undertake. Also, there is an annual event of RunaMochan Visit that reiterates this value of RunaMochan (ऋणमोचन ) among our ​​karyakarte.


Runmochan visit is a manifestation of an exceptional symbiosis. By understanding the reality of life of our fellow villagers, karyakarte of VSM hone and train their young minds for performing Seva. This Sevabhav elevates their existence to a higher level, with cause much nobler than sheer materialism. From this realization and evolution comes dedicated and focused effort to help and uplift our fellow villagers, in turn.

We survey the village we visit during Runmochan and try to offer help on following aspects of the villagers’ lives:

  • Education: We donate essential educational material to tribal students so as to motivate them to take up the education, similar to our ZEP initiative.

  • Agricultural Development: we provide farmers with agricultural tools, equipments and material so as to strengthen their livelihood.

At the end of the visit, when we take leave from then, we find ourselves inspired by their struggle, their determination to earn livelihood despite all odds. It drives us, encourages us to follow the national ideals of India: Renunciation & Service.


  • Village: Khoste, Vikramgad block, Dist. Thane,Maharashtra.

  • Date: 12th and 13th July 2014.

  • Visit team: 54 VSM Karyakartas

  • Aid Provided: Various stationery and sports material and important electronic equipments for building and improving school facilities at ZP schools.

  • Donors Involved: Around 50 donors are involved in this effort.

  • Special Initiative: Mandal spotted a need by villagers to provide study room facilities for students. So we have started working on it and have appointed an education facilitator since July 2014.

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