Diwali Sneha Bhojan

No amount of force, or government, or legislative cruelty will change the conditions of a race, but it is spiritual culture & ethical culture alone that can change wrong caste-racial tendencies for the better.

Swami Vivekanand

Event Description

Diwali Sneha Bhojan is organised a week before Diwali. This event takes our relationship with tribal brothers to the next level and we receive as much warmth and love from them as we give.

During this visit our volunteers distribute packets of Diwali sweets to villagers of Vihigaon, Khodade or other tribal villages. Out of the brotherhood, Mandal's members also have lunch/dinner at their place and enjoy the most celebrated festival of Diwali with tribal. This activity gives immense joy of giving and sharing to our volunteers. We also celebrate our Bhaubeej with women from these villages.

In addition to this, to support woman self-help groups of Vihigaon, we have been arranging many point of sales to sell Diwali goodies made by these women. This generates employment for rural women and raises their stature in their family.