Socio Cultural

"(India ) where stood the earliest cradle of ethics, arts, sciences, and literature, and the integrity of whose sons and the virtue of whose daughters have been sung by all travellers."

Swami Vivekanand

Treasuring the culture of country!

Every country has different socio-cultural practices, which play a pivotal role in developing unique identity of that country. India is blessed with diversity of languages, communities, thoughts, habits and festivities. Keeping in mind the cultural aspects of the communities we work in, our events have evolved over a period of years.

Our socio-cultural events are targeted at young individuals and tribal people - the two main target audiences of our organisation. We celebrate our independence day a day prior by organising a Rashtra Poojan program, which includes a lecture series on current topic of interest on the national stage. Srujan Sohala offers a platform for our young volunteers to showcase their talent, art and performance. Our Runamochan visit aims at connecting tribal region with our urban volunteers and developing synergies between them. Diwali Sneha Bhoj is also a tailor-made program to build bridged between tribal community through social feasts.

Rashtrapujan (worshipping Bharat Mata) signifies our respect and humility towards united India. This is organized on 14th August midnight when India got independence in 1947. This event aims at inspiring youth towards the development of our country. We invite accomplished social-workers, leaders and experts from various fields to put forward their views on how to take our beloved country forward in 21st century.

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Diwali Sneh-Bhoj is organised a week before Diwali. This event takes our relationship with tribal brothers to the next level and we receive as much warmth and love from them as we give.

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Srujan Sohala is an annual cultural program to provide a platform to the young creative artists among Mandal's members. Songs, plays, audio-visual shows based on socio-cultural, historical - national themes are performed in front of audiences. This program encourages volunteers to express themselves and strike a cord with the like-minded people.

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Runmochan visit is a manifestation of an exceptional symbiosis. By understanding the reality of life of our fellow villagers, karyakarte of VSM hone and train their young minds for performing Seva. This Sevabhav elevates their existence to a higher level, with cause much nobler than sheer materialism.

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Swami Vivekanand Jayanti celebrated on 12th January is an auspicious day for all those who love Swami Vivekananda and his thoughts. It’s birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and is celebrated as international youth day. Mandal celebrates this day with re-committing our words and actions to the inspiring thoughts of Swami Vivekananda. We also take this opportunity to spread Swamiji's thoughts among students and wider society.

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