VSM helped backstage play theatre workers!

"The show must go on" we always say and once we are out of the theatre, we appreciate the creative people on the stage, the director, musician, the producer and few others whose names are being announced during the play. But none of us appreciates the person who cleaned the theater, stage before we entered, the person who controls the mike, lights or arranges the backstage as and when required. We forget all these people and their actual efforts. A play is performed in a best manner due to the support of all these masses. These are the least paid people when it comes to giving remuneration for the work performed. During this lockdown these people faced a major fiscal crunch.

More than 14 families who depended on this backstage work approached Vivekananda Seva Mandal (VSM) for availing them with food grains. These individuals all were working at a theatre in Borivali and stayed in Dombivali. Some families have kids below the age of 10 years, some have senior citizens in their household. While talking to these people our volunteers noticed their humanity was still alive. Most of the families had more than five members, but they were ready to take food grains for 3- 4 people and manage in that. When VSM volunteers asked what about milk for the kids, they said we have not inculcated the habit of giving milk to the kids as we cannot afford it. In talking with some of them in depth VSM volunteers came to know that a few of them were having one-time meal to reserve the food grains they had in stock.

VSM on knowing their condition demanded immediate action. It was not easy to collect their documents as some of them did not have smartphones, the paper duplication machines were not functioning in their areas. But, all of them were keen on submitting the documents and giving the data. After collecting the documents, the next challenge was to pass them food grains from one store as they stayed in different areas. To this also, these people gave solution saying we will walk down to the store VSM decides and takes in the grains. Altogether the 14 families from dombivali collected the food grains and were thanking and blessing all the VSM volunteers. We VSM volunteer think these blessings are keeping us on our toes to continue operating in such crises.

One lesson all the volunteers learned from this case is as on-stage is important people working backstage are equally important to make a play a distinguished success.

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