We have seen that it is the subjective world that rules the objective. Change the subject and the object is bound to change; purify yourself, and the world is bound to be purified. This one thing requires to be taught now more than ever before.

Swami Vivekanand

Raising the bar--UPLIFTMENT!

Swami Vivekananda said, "The goal of mankind is knowledge." Through Unnayan (Sanskrit word, meaning 'Uplift'), Mandal attempts to live up to this goal. This forum is for students/members to receive all-round knowledge on a continuous basis. Here we intend to raise the bar for acquisition of knowledge by exposing students to various knowledge acquisition opportunities.

This forum includes series of seminars, lectures, discussions that strives to spread knowledge of current issues, Indian economy, society, non-partisan political developments, history, yoga, spiritual awareness and other national issues etc. Through this forum Mandal aims to ignite fire in students' minds so that they can enhance their knowledge base on an ongoing basis to raise the quality of their own life.

Abhyasvarg, "The Foundation Workshop" is a two day workshop that trains volunteers in the philosophical and practical aspects of Mandal's work. This is to instil zeal among the volunteers, and to guide, motivate them, for desired outcome of Mandal's work. It’s a forum to discuss organizational issues and challenges. It also guides volunteers why and how they should serve their society and the mother earth.

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Sparsh, We are becoming more and more busy about our neighbours, and less and less about ourselves. The world will change if we change; if we are pure, the world will become pure.

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Vyakhyanmala is an annual event where we call an expert to enlighten us about a current subject of social and national importance and its various aspects. This event is not just restricted for our karyakartas. This event is open to all who are willing to understand the respective subject. After all, well-apprised citizens are the foundation of society and nation.

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