129 Kids got their food in times of pandemic-triggered lockdown

Dombivali / Kalyan: Due to the outbreak of Corona, the whole country seems to have come to a stalemate and the situation is no different in Kalyan-Dombivali-Titwala area.

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to stay at home and stop the spread of the disease. As a conscious citizen of India, we are determinedly carrying it away. But at the same time when we think about the daily wage earners or any other individual who is unable to feed himself/herself we feel bad and even we are unable to eat properly.

It was observed by us that along with the wage earners, many residential establishments are also in trouble because of this state of affairs. Many ashrams, orphanages as well as many settlements are facing food shortages and it is sometimes hard to reach them with government assistance.

In one such situation, we welcomed a call from the volunteers of the Sangh Parivar, that there is an orphanage and an ashram in the vicinity that is in need of food grains, vegetables and some medical supplies.

It is gratifying to inform that our Mandal had taken up the cause as we are enlivened by the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda to give service to the needy.

The Nandadeep Foundation orphanage at Kolsevadi, Kalyan which works for the education and accommodation of 75 orphans, and the Jeevan Samvardhan Foundation Ashram School at Titwala that accommodates the rehabilitation of 54 homeless children had come to us for aid.

Our VSM teams made a small effort to carry through its social duty by providing food, vegetables, and medical supplies to the Ashram schools as per their demand. The Board intends to provide assistance to the needy in this arena.

We hope and pray to the almighty that this crisis should get resolved as soon as possible so that the country and all our brothers and sisters can breathe freely once more.

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