Youth Empowerment

"Arise, awake for your country needs this tremendous sacrifice. It is the young men that will do it. 'The young, the energetic, the strong, the well-built, the intellectual'- for them is the task."

Swami Vivekanand

Empowering the future of country!

Swami Vivekanand had a great trust in the power of Youth. He believed Indian youth, being the harbinger of new ideas and great zeal, can toil very hard to take their motherland to newer heights. Hence VSMANDAL focuses on Youth Empowerment, makes them empowered to not only stand on their own feet but also lend a helping hand to fellow youth.

VSMANDAL currently focuses on i2i, IT-Innovating Technology Lab, Technology Center, Library and Study Center.

Individuals to Industry (i2I) works towards two most important aspects of an engineer’s career- 'Employability’ and ‘Employment’. It tries to serve as a platform where students gain adequate industry exposure, receive appropriate career guidance and gain information about suitable employment opportunities and job openings.

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Our IT lab focuses on developing and deploying not-for-profit IT systems to aid social development. It also aims to increase computer literacy in underprivileged sections of society.

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Ideation and experimentation at its heart, Technology Centre aims to create an environment where enthusiasm of engineering students coupled with expertise of professionals will nurture better technocrats for tomorrow and offer sustainable solutions for social problems.

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VSM Library has been a legacy carried forward since its establishment in 1991.

Initially set up to extend a helping hand to technical students by making available costly engineering and technical books, it has now broadened its scope to incorporate some other fields like management as well.

Our library is one of its kind, efficiently handled by the students for the students. The Library team- a body of young students, and a qualified librarian successfully handle the entire operations of our library. We have also strengthened our efficiency by adopting a Library Management System software which makes our processes faster and facility up-to-date with the modern times.

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Knowing the importance of having a peaceful ‘place to study’ Vivekanand Seva Mandal came up with its well-equipped Study Centre, wherein we aim to provide students an exclusive place to study. This not only provides them a productive study environment but also builds a student to student camaraderie which helps in doubt solving and guidance eventually leading to an in depth and detailed study.

VSM Study Centre has become the melting pot for students from various faculties and academic years.

This study centre also offers the members a bigger platform to be a part of socio-technical activities of Vivekanand Seva Mandal.

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