Yaswant at work on the Construction Site

In his quest for employment, Yashwant successfully completes Formwork Carpentry certifcation at L&T- Construction Skill Training Institute. Sets an example for Khodade’s youth.

“Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.”

This is one of the most popular inspiring calls given to the youth by Swami Vivekananda. Walking on Swamiji’s path, this tribal brother of ours successfully pursued his dreams despite many barriers.

Yashwant Zugare, a young enthusiastic man from a small tribal village, Khodade (near Wada, in district Palghar, Maharashtra), who has been living away from his family for education since 5th standard for education, is a witness to the financial stress in a joint family. As he grew up and got married, his quest for education slowly turned into the search for an alternate source of livelihood other than traditional farming.

At this point of time, VSM’s new rural development project in pipeline came in contact with him. This project is all about making an employment opportunity available to the tribal youth. The multinational group L&T which has decided to impart the basic building construction training as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility proved helpful. This CSR initiative of L&T group aims at skills certification and enables a large number of youth to become employable. Moreover, it just doesn’t train youngsters but also helps them find employment. The pattern of the job at L&T is such that it has a provision which allows 2-3 month long leaves which would enable Yashwant to continue with farming as well. VSM which is working for the betterment of rural youth was obliged to connect these two dots.

Yashwant grabbed this golden opportunity and with his hard work and determination successfully completed his three-month course (October 2016 to December 2016) in Formwork Carpentry at the L&T- Construction Skill Training Institute, Bhokarpada (near Panvel). As per the program, he was immediately placed on a construction site in Mumbai. A confident and skilled carpenter Yashwant has found new means to earn and sustain himself and his family. This new and transformed Yashwant, who smartly learns many things about the whole new world, is now a great example in front of his fellow villagers who now have started dreaming for the betterment of their lives...!

Tribal youth success story