VSM Tech Centre initiative for Electronics Engineers

Component Lab in VSM building

Component Lab: A way to explore the engineer within you!!!


"Be an engineer with a difference" is a common term we come across in engineering life. But what does this "DIFFERENCE" mean? It simply means to be an engineer with sound fundamentals and good practical knowledge. And if possible to be an engineer who could use his/her knowledge for social good.

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The Abyasvarga instils zeal among the volunteers and guides, motivates them for desired outcome of Mandal's work and equips them to derive maximum satisfaction from their personal lives. It’s a forum to discuss organizational issues and challenges and train them in the philosophical and practical aspects of VSMandal's work. It also tries to answer queries of volunteers pertaining to ‘why’ and ‘how’ of serving the society and the mother earth.

With the current constructive push coming in big way through Make in India, Smart cities and other initiatives, Electronics is one of the many industries which will gather steam. And there will be huge opportunity for skilled Electronics Engineers. Now the question that remains is, ‘Are today’s Electronics Engineers ready to grab this opportunity and achieve great careers for themselves?’. The answer lies in the willingness and determination of these engineers themselves. They should strive to gain more hands on skills and relevant industry exposure. To get more practical knowledge, an electronics engineer must work on projects and should get familiar with the use of components.

VSM's Technology Centre is trying to make a humble beginning in this direction. Technology Centre has started providing a platform to electronics engineers and enthusiasts to implement their knowledge under the initiative of ‘Component Lab’. Component Lab is an initiative where we have attempted to provide material for electronics students and enthusiasts so that they come together and brainstorm over a circuit or study working of components. We have provided most of the basic material needed for practical work (e.g.components,breadboards). Also, there are documents available to study the components and their functionality in the circuits. Students can also refer black-books of different projects which will help you to build and present your final year project. One can build his/her own circuits here, can ask any queries, doubts related to projects and discuss anything that seems difficult to oneself. The key idea is to empower youth with basic technical aptitude to build their careers and if possible give back to society as engineers.

At VSM, a non-profit-organization which always has had substantial participation from youth, our observation has been that the youth is always very passionate about their careers and adequately sensitized about the social challenges around. They are willing to develop innovative solutions for the same. But what they lack is a platform where such lateral thinking minds could come together, have enriching discussions and make a start. This prompted the Technology Centre team to start an initiative like Component Lab. We hope that this helps many upcoming Electronics Engineers in their careers and gradually adds on to their knowledge and technical skills. VSM also has implemented various initiatives for skill development of engineers through other initiatives like Dive Into IT, Dive into Electronics, i2i etc. In the long term, it is only when these engineers develop strong application oriented basics, we can think of using these skills to counter social challenges and give back to the society.