Following heart, the VSM volunteers go out of the way to help tribal families

In the conflict between the heart and brain follow your heart is what Swami Vivekananda had taught us and our karyakarte are seen getting along this time and again. While helping needy people staying in Jawahar, Mokhda, Palghar and Karjat regions, which are predominantly occupied by the tribals, our volunteers followed their heart and did go out of the way to help them.

In Karjat district too, VSM has helped tribal poulace to distribute Grocery kits in villages of Bhivpuri, Pali, Nevale and Malegaon, which are remotely settled in the foothills of Sanhyadris. There were total 23 families, consisting Handicapped and Old age people, who were finding it difficult to buy ration due to lockdown. A local concerned government official helped us distribute the kits.

In the above areas there are no income sources for the last two months as all the government work as well as MIDC related work was haulted. Also, agriculture season was such that there was no crop available to harvest. Hence, these tribals are unable to feed themselves. The condition here is exacerbated as some of them have a large families, where a household at times has 10 -15 members staying together.

“Some of these people came in touch with me and informed me their condition, and I approached VSM who immediately came to our rescue. They offered us food grains for 40 families and assured us that they will keep helping us as and when required,“ informed Harishchandra Kuvara of Adhyatma Vichar Prabodhini Samajik Sanstha. Kuvara is a local kirantankar and hence has a direct mass connect with these tribals in the region.

Even today some of these people have to walk for 3- 4 kilometers to just fetch a potful of drinking water. He added that he personally travels around 100- 150 kilometers every day to provide packages for these needy people. To do dedicated work like Kuvara one needs a heart of lion. 40 households were provided various food grains for 15 days with VSM pitching as a supplied of the food kits.

After getting hold of all precautions and maintaining social distancing, Kuvara and his team of vilunteers does the distribution of the food grains. People on getting food grains had tears in their eyes and said you have come like a god to recuse us in this crisis situation.

Here VSM volunteers informed that, it was not easy to settle on how to help these tribals as some of them did not have a key government icards or a basic phone. It was difficult to reach them and verify. Then we requested Kuvara to send a list of needy people with their names and normal photos.

The next problem was to acquire food grains and get to a shop that will be using BHIM or any other digital payments in the interior tribal belt. This time again a like-minded shop owner came to assist us. A shop in the nearby area prepared the food kits for all the families and VSM executed the payment to him in time.

Kuvara pointed out correctly that the tribal people’s blessings are our biggest achievement for us altogether.The VSM volunteers did not quit when they realized there were challenges in identifying eople, but found out different ways to locate them, by changing set norms. Volunteers followed their heart and helped the needy without any hesitation, which is a satisfying action for all the concerned.

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